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H&DARA Race Officials List.

Following to H&DARA Race Officials Meeting of 12/1/19 - but subject to approval at the 2019 H&DARA AGM the list of Full and Assistant Race Officials available in 2019 has been updated on the Web Site at

Go to Personal Tab and then then "Officials" on drop-sown.

Event Secretaries will be sent a list of those officials that are available for their event by the end of March, 2019 - the availability for head races will be sent out earlier.


A Happy Christmas and a Successful and Prosperous New Year.

On behlaf of the Executive Officers of the Hants & Dorst Amateur Rowing Association can I wish all the members of our Affiliated Clubs and Events and all our Race Officials a Happy a Christmas and a Succesful and Prosperous New Year - and thank you all for your support of the Association in 2018.


2019 FIXTURE LIST. (REVISION 4. 11/12/18). 

Inevitably - just after I publish the next revision of the H&DARA 2019 Fixture List - we get another change!
So here is revision 4 - which reflects the predicted change to the date of COALPORTERS REGATTA which will now be on SATURDAY, 20th JULY and a correction of an error ref. the date of the University Boat Race which is Sunday, 7th April - not the Saturday as shown of Rev 3.
Dare I say this might be the final version!

So Revision 4 of the 2019 Fixtire List can be downloaded from the H&DARA web site - go to - the "downloads tab" and scroll down to 2018 information.


This revision jas also been E Mailed to H&D ARA Mailing List - Clubs, Events, Officers and Officials.

Steve Bull. Association Secretary.



2019 Fixture List. (Revision 3. 7/12/18). 

2019 Fixture List. (Revision 3. 7/12/18).  

The 3rd revision of the 2019 Fixtire List can be downloaded HERE in pdf format. This reflects amendments made since the Autumn Council Meeting of 13/10/18 - Confirmation of the likely date of Bournemouth Regatta (unfortunate clash with Henley Royal Regatta - but only date available); confirmation of date of BR "FISA" Coastal Championships at Sandbanks - 17th/18th August. (clashes with BTC Regatta & Championship Row-offs - BR were aware). Confirmation of the date of the Junior Inter-regional Regatta - Saturday, 27th April - and change of venue - now at Peterborough. H&DARA 2019 Meeting dates also shown. NOTE. There is now a question mark over the scheduled date of Coalporters Regatta on Saturday, 25th May - due to the Take That concert at St. Marys on the same day.

This revision jas also been E Mailed to H&D ARA Mailing List - Clubs, Events, Officers and Officials.


Minutes of the H&DARA Autumn Council Meeting of 13th October, 2018.

The Minutes of the HDARA Autumn Council Meeting, 13/10/18 have now been E Mailed to the Associations Executive Officers, Lifw Vice Presidents and Club and Event Secretaries in pdf format.
Due to the file size - they have been split into two sections.
1) The actual Minutes
2) The appendices. 
They will eventually also be available to download from the web site - - in pdf format. Go to Downloads Tab and scroll down to Minutes of Meetings - Autumn Council Meeting
However at the moment, due to a technical error, these are not available - plus the 2017 Autumn Council Meeting minutes have the same issue. This will be resolved as soon as possible and an update posted on the web site when they are available.