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South Coast Rowing Championships Regatta.

The 2017 SCC Organising Committee would like to thank everyone who competed, supported and helped make this regatta such a success and we would like to congratulate all the crew who competed - especially the winners. Well done and Thank-you. The 2017 SCC Organising Committee.



The fulll results, including the times, for all the crews, in every event at this years 2017 South Coast Rowing Championships Regatta held on Saturday, 1st September, at Dorney Lake Eton, and hosted by the Hants & Dorset ARA can now be viewed and downloaded from our timing partner's - Mikrotime Sports Systems - web site - go to

SCC 2017. Video Highlights from South Coast Journalism.

The link for the video highlights of the South Coast Championships from our media partners South Coast Journalism can be found at -

The Event photographers at the event were - DE Photo.

Their photographs can be viewed and purchased from their site at -

Go to the site - "Search by Date" at the bottom of the page - click on "Find". Click on 2nd September, 2017 on the Calendar - and a list of events will be displayed on the Right Hand side. Scroll down to "South Coast Rowing Championships" and click on the arrow.

The Souvenir Program can be downloaded here in pdf format.


The powepoint presentation presented to the 2016 AGM of the Souh Coast Council can now be downloaded in pdf format here.

A "flyer" for the Regatta - giving advance information - can be downloaded here.

A Small Booklet on the 2017 South Coast Rowing Championship - can be downloaded here.
This is a small eight 
page booklet, similar to the one produced by the organisers of last years 
Championships at Herne Bay and covers - contact information, why we are returning to Dorney Lake, details of the venue and the facilities that are available, accommodation in the area and details of the events that will be on offer that will be sent to all CARA, H&D and WEARA affiliated clubs plus the Associations Secretaries and South Coast Council delegates

Training at Dorney Lake prior to the Event  - see SCC Regatta - Venue/Course Tab - and scroll down or click here.


 If you would like to receive regular (monthly) E Mail Bulletions on the preperations for the Regatta please send an E Mail to -

Copies of E Mail Bulletins sent out can be downloaded here in pdf format - 

E Mail Bulletin 1. E Mailed out 28/11/2016. Theme - About Dorney Lake, why the return to Dorney Lake, Where is Dorney Lake.

E Mail Bulletin 2. E Mailed out 23/12/2016. Theme - Why so early? Events, Committee & Organisation, Communications. Dispensation from South Coast Rules.

E Mail Bulletin 3. E Mailed out 25/1/2017. Theme - accommodation in the area and the attractions in and around Windsor and Maidenhead.

E Mail Bulletin 4. E Mailed out 23/2/2017. Theme - update given to the recent South Coast Council AGM.

E Mail Bulletin 5. E Mailed out 25/3/2017. Theme - communication plans and how we intend to distribute and publicise information on the South Coast Championship Regatta.

E Mail Bulletin 6. E Mailed out 23/4/2017. Theme - provisional time table for the Friday evening prior to the Championships through to the end of the Regatta Party on Saturday evening - and on some of the facilities we hope to have in place at the Regatta site over the weekend  and improvements on previous Championship Regatta's at Dorney.

E Mail Bulletin 7. E Mailed out 24/5/2017. Theme - branded merchandise that will be available to buy through are merchandising partner "Rock the Boat"  plus information on safety at the Regatta.


E Mail Bulletin 8. E Mailed out 26/6/2017. Theme - the Invitation to the Regatta and the entry pack which will be posted to the three Association secretaries and their affiliated clubs around 1st July, 2017. 

E Mail Bulletin 9. E Mailed out 26/6/2017. Theme -  a reminder of when the entries close - Sunday, 13th August - and the entry conditions and rules and where to find and down load all the information about the event


E Mail Bulletin 10. E Mailed out 19/08/2017. Theme - the running order and draw for the Junior and Senior Regatta and the Captain/coaches/Team mangers Handbook


E Mail Bulletin 11. E Mailed out 30/09/2017. Theme This bulletin includes a summary of the results - and a report on the Championship races - with thanks to John Bailey. There is also information and links for the photos and videos and where the time for every crew in every race - in both the Junior and Senior Regatta can be viewed and some other facts and figures about the event.





 Archive information on previous South Coast Championship Regatta's can now be found under the HISTORY tab.