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See below for Hants & Dorset ARA Club and Event Water Safety Advisers.

The 2016 version of British Rowing's RowSafe document has now been issued and can be found HERE.


Safety Information

Availability of Defibrillators.

Following the incident at Southsea Regatta this year and at Poole last year an exercise to establish the availability of Defibrillators at H&D Clubs and Events. A survey of Clubs and Events has been undertaken asking -

  1. The Location, if known, of the nearest unit to your Clubhouse.
  2. The Location, if known, of the nearest units to the location of any events you stage.
  3. The First Aid Provider - at your events.
  4. Dose your First Aid Provider provide a Defibrillator an staff trained to use it.

The results of this survey can be downloaded in pdf format here 

The results of the survey will be considored by the H&D Safety Sub Committee at its annual meeting in January/February, 2017.

If you are struggling to find your local defib unit then you can download an app from the following link.  
which may tell you where it is - although it does not seem to work for the IW and parts of Dorset.

Hants & Dorset Safety information. 

Safety Meetings - 

Minutes of Safety Meetings. 


British Rowing Safety Information/Incident Reporting                                                      Click on the"RowSafe" to go directly to the RowSafe pages on the British Rowing Web Site.


The New BR Web Site - December, 2015 - guidance on how to find/access the Safety pages  and Incident Reporting - on the new BR Web site can be downloaded here

Incident Reporting - to report an incident on the BR Incident Reporting System - click here.


Information. Some of this information will take you to a different web site.

  • BR Capsize Drill. You can currently view the BR Capsize Drill on UTube - but BR are threatening to have this removed as its was posted unofficially - so not sure how long it will be there!
  • Rowers using the Tideway. Please see below an excellent video link for rowers using the Tideway. It's a silent presentation on you tube and is ideal for briefing all but particularly new and inexperienced users.
  • Also - you can download the equally excellent Tideway Code here.
  • Collision Avoidance video. A video on Collision Avoidance, produced by Stephen Worley of WEARA and the GB Hon. Safety Adviser can be viewed by clicking here -                        .   

Life Jackets/PFD's


CLUB and EVENT SAFETY ADVISERS.                                                                                                         (unless specifically advised it is assumed that the CWSA is also the Clubs Event Safety advisers).


Name Rowing Club E-Mail
Adam Ratcliffe BTC
Steve Draper Ryde
Mike Green Christchurch
Steve Fagan Itchen

Richard Wardsworth Lymington
Chris Lucas Newport
Ryan Dudley Poole
James Thompson Shanklin
Steve Lloyd West Southampton
Tom Schofield Coalporters
Mick Gisborne Southsea

Emma Crump Bournemouth University BC
Richard Boulton Bryanston School
Ian Dryden Canford School
Gill McLean Worthing Rowing Club

Mike Kelly


 Steve Woods 

Bournemouth (formally

Westover & Bournemouth)

Dolphin Rowing Club.



Name Event E-Mail
Stephen Bull Ryde Regatta
Mick Gisborne Southsea Regatta

Mike Green Head of the Stour Regatta
Pete Lock       Lymington/Milford Regatta.
Mike Green Christchurch Regatta
Ryan Dudley Poole Regatta
James Thompson Shanklin Regatta 
Tom Schofield Coalporters Regatta
Steve Lloyd-West Woolston Regatta
Peter Lamb Bournemouth Regatta

Chris Lucas

Adam Ratcliffe

Steve Lloyd-West

Gary Joyce

Newport Regatta

BTC Regatta.

Southampton Coastal HORR

Itchen Imperial Regatta